Going on my head after 50 people share this blog

Hello! Those of you viewing my blog and know me only from school or from the past, I hope this is useful for you.

Maybe you will notice things about me or yourself that you didn’t notice before. I’ve always had a big nose mind, so I’ve not changed immeasurably.  You’ll still recognise me after a glance or two.

If you’re reading my blog and you have no idea of who I am, well hopefully you can get an idea within this post and others. I am generally a bit of a risk-taker so am worth watching even if just for entertainment value.

But my main hope is that  some of my posts can have an impact on how we live our day to day lives and how we view our wonderful opportunities in this world.

This is me from last year, feeling smug about the girl on my right

Here is a bit about me anyway, describing perhaps the motivation for this blog.

From 13 years old I was made aware of having ‘depression’. I saw doctors, psychologists and went to support groups. I’ve taken anti-depressents, drunk to excess and dabbled with drugs. I have inlficted physical self-harm such as cutting myself and then went down the road of social/life withdrawal to an agoraphobic level. Just going outside could be a traumatic experience. Suicidal thoughts were a daily occurance and getting stronger by the day.

I am now 20 and have finally found a way to manage my demons. So much so that I can now see how I can help other people through applying similar methods that I have used to overcome the invisible illness – Depression.

My goal is to help people and especially readers of this blog, to cope with their personal demons. We all have them. Together, we can build an accepting community that will listen to those cries for help.

Even the illustrious Paris Hilton has had her own life struggles

No matter how privalaged anyone may seem, we all go through the same life stuggles. Don’t be ashamed of them, speak out.

I hope to continue to make posts that ring true with the struggles of our lives.

I will talk about what I have done and my experiences and how I have overcome what were the pits of depression for myself.

There will also be some fun, I’ll post some silly images. If I get 50 people sharing  this, I will put a saucepan pot of baked beans over my head. 50 people, that’s all we need. I’ll post pictures and a video of the beaning.

Cheers all!
The question is though, should I go for Heinz or HP?