No Healing Plaster Campaign

There is no healing plaster, quick-fix method of feeling well from depression. 

Not at the moment. Not until we can gain support to tackle the mainstream view that Anti-depressents or (SSRI’s) are the main way to aid “depression”.

From direct experience I can tell you that I found the tablets I was prescribed dangerous.

I felt like a test-subject. Lab-rat. Call it what you like.

Quite simply, doctors surgeries cannot handle the volume of depression-related illnesses coming through their doors. The sooner people take responsibility for this and admit it, the better.

Anti-depressent Experiences

Here I will post my own and others opinions of the anti-depressents they’ve been taking.

Remember, you’re only given tablets based on limited mathematical statistics – They don’t all help and they’re not invincible to scrutiny.

You are allowed to question them, after all, some people are making an awful lot of money thanks to people suffering from depression, so let’s make them work hard on developing better solutions for us all.

My Experience of Duloxetine – Cymbalta

Many users describe Cymbalta Duloextine as “poison”.

I do wonder who has genuinely been helped by this “SSRI”.
A quick search of forums online and I find the rare comment in support of the drug.
Having taken Cymbalta Duloxetine 30mg for 3 months, then 60mg for 2 weeks (the side-effects were unbareable) – My opinion is that all the drug did was increase my anxiety and nervous tension – I ended up twitching and doing unusual things on this drug. It was a horrible experience, and it was the drug I was using when I started to cut myself.

Can we please stop using this “plastering-over” approach – One tablet fixes all solution to our issues? I have been issued with Duloxetine, Pregabalin (One I do reccommend – helped me sleep), Prozac, Citalopram and a few others I can’t remember the name of.

Use your problems as an opportunity to speak out, try not to take tablets to cover up your feelings even more!