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  • Why not to tell a girl you fancy you’re gay and forget to say you’re straight.
  • Why I have to write and sing a song for a girl I met once.
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air is an Icebreaker.

It’s a Monday night in Live Lounge and I’m sat listening to some music and chilling out at a table with a J2O
(Yes, J2O is still cool. Seriously.)

I’m tapping my hands and catch the eye of a girl who looks just like Amelie, from the film… Amelie.
(My A-Level English skills really showing there…)

She’s wearing glasses and looks like a very intelligent type of girl. I smile towards her and she breaks the eye contact. Yes. Round 1 to Dave.

So Amelie and all of her girl-friends come to sit around me at this table. (Maybe not purposefully, maybe they just wanted somewhere to sit, but don’t say that whilst I’m trying to inflate my ego.)

We get chatting after singing along to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. What a song. What an icebreaker. Thank you Will Smith.
(Nearly everyone knows the lyrics to this, great way to bond 😉 )

This is where things begin to get weird. Or perhaps… Different.

Amelie grabs my hand. She cowers over my palm up and down, left to right. She shakes her head in disapproval.
“What is wrong with my hand?!” I think to myself. I manage a laugh and pull my hand away.

I continue making conversation with this group of girls, and a few of them get up to dance. But this one girl, Emily, stays sat down.

We get chatting. Well, this after she tells me that she’s deaf. It took me a few moments to realise that’s what she was signing to me.

“Can you feel the music?” I ask her. Emily plays along with this (to her credit) and nods “yeah!” and twiddles her fingers in mid-air. Right, anyway, so things seem to be running smoothly. I actually rather fancy this girl. She seems really cool, a great laugh. We seem to be connecting. So I go up to the bar and buy her a drink. I place down her drink and she says;

“I’m not actually deaf you know…”

YAWHA?… NOT DEAF? YOU PLAYED ME ALONG!?I kept these thoughts to myself and tried to look as if this was a regular occurrence for an experienced campaigner like me. Although I’m sure my face resembled that of somebody who’d just hit the centre of a super sour gobstopper whilst also discovering that their Revel, was in fact, the Coffee Revel.

So we carry on chatting, and I’m so distracted by the deaf facade, that I miss all of Emily’s flirting signals. This stunning girl with an awe-inspiring personality and looks to match, and I’m missing the fact that we’re virtually sat on top of each other. I should’ve perhaps popped her a compliment and gone for goal (a kiss!) but nah, I missed my window! 

I’d been playing mister confidence all night, but when it came to the crunch, I was slower than a turning oil tanker and  as hopeless as a dog chasing its tail.

“Okay” I thought, once realising I was losing the game. “I need to do something drastic to salvage this.”

Emily asked me “Are you gay?”

My heart pounded with excitement “I can score one back here! – I can pretend I’m gay like Emily pretended she’s deaf! Great idea!” – (Yes, I have a ridiculously competitive attitude sometimes)

So I replied to her; “Yes, I’m gay!” full of confidence.

However, I hadn’t planned for this. How was I going to say I’m not actually gay and keep it smooth? Emily walked away and went for a dance. Mr. Smooth was now in uncharted territory. I was now in the Bermuda Triangle without a TomTom.

I spend ages umm-ing and ahh-ing over what to do next. Maybe I should’ve kept things simple, but I decided that I’d let her leave thinking I was gay, and send her a song saying what I intended. The relevance of it being that she’s a singer too & maybe she’d ‘get it’.

What I hadn’t planned for was how blummin’ difficult it is to write and sing a song. I’ve never been musically educated. My education has mainly come from my Playstation. I am now in a situation, where I realise I’m going to have to learn to sing and have some poor soul (my friend Patrick) help me write and produce a song for a girl who may or may not now remember me.

I feel like I have a duty to complete the song and share it with you guys (and Emily) when it’s done. But golly, next time I’ll just tell a girl I’m straight and dive in for a kiss/slap. That’s much easier than doing it my way.

So guys & girls, moral of the story; don’t do a David. Don’t pretend you’re gay when you’re actually straight. Unless you have a song ready of course. Then it’s fine, maybe.


Depression is such a difficult issue to talk about. Where do I start? Who do I talk to? What can I do?
These questions at first can be so difficult to answer, that you give up trying to look.
However, there are plenty of people out there, young & old, who can help you out no matter what.

I’ve spent my Saturday & Sunday dressed up as a Dragon in support of Fresh Start Wales at the Caerphilly Big Cheese Festival (

There’s something about a Dragon with hairy legs that people just seem to love. Even Dr. Dawn from Embarrassing Bodies seemed to enjoy a little hug.

6 months ago, if you had said to me I’d be dressed as a dragon all day, making people laugh and smile, if you said I would be doing that then, I would have laughed. I wouldn’t believe it would happen. That shows how far I have come, but there is so much further for me to go, but hopefully you can come with me or just follow my journey, from Bean Shower to Dragon Dressing.

There’s so much we’re capable of. I am doing a lot of this work as a way to prove to myself that my life is to be lived and not spent ill with sadness.

Join me on my journey. Come to my Bean Shower at Cathays Park, Cardiff on the 8th of August, 12:30 & support those suffering from and battling out of depression. This is definitely a case of the more the merrier.

Thanks all for following my blog so far, and hopefully we’re closer to branching out and really making a breakthrough, to help Cardiff, Wales & the World hyho!

24 Daily Habits

Take the time to read
Some sound advice and easy tips to implement to make a great change to your life.

Agorraphobia – My three month battle
Madness – Singing & dancing to “It must be love”
Neighbours – My apology

Want to fall in love?

Want to have more fun  like this cool guy?…

Click the link to the page!

Living the HYHO Life.

HYHO- help yourself help others

by simply waking up this morning, you are helping yourself and helping others.

by simply going to work today, you are helping yourself help others.

by simply donating money to charity you are helping others help yourself

by simply being alive you are bringing love to this world, the most valuable comodity of all.

hyho will make the world a happier place.

show your love by sharing this with those who mean the most to you.


On Saturday I was in Cardiff out in the sunshine when I saw an inspiring group of young dancers, flaunting it on Queen’s Street!

These children are really quite self-aware and you can see this through the freedom of their dancing movement.
They have such fun and it was really refreshing to see how supportive and positive the parents were of the children too.
There are a lot of competitive groups for children that get too wrapped up in winning. So much so, that when they lose, they learn absolutely nothing from it, other than they don’t like it.

Give these children, wonderfully supportive parents and yourself an insight into the wonders of dancing on overall mood by checking out and liking their Facebook page.
Best of luck in Germany!

Waxed lyrical – Amy Winehouse(picture from


Amy Winehouse’s message is something I can strongly relate to. She is a wonderful inspiration to us all. She may not have overcome her demons, but she tried to get her message out no matter what.

Hope you enjoy my frolics!
(check out the hands)

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