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I watch a lot of “ted talks” on, where you get to see inspiring speakers talk about some of the latest big ideas in the world of creative thinking.

Here, Jane McGonigal talks of her site Superbetter. It’s a great website that sets you little goals to achieve that you score points for achieving. You get +1 mental resilience for thinking a happy thought or +2 physical resilience for doing a star-jump! 

There are step-by-step guides, from the very simple beginning of how to do practically anything.
Check out the video and the website, and discover how you can become Superbetter. I’m enjoying it so far.
I’m Level 4 with 75 overall resilience 😉


Read this article and seriously consider it.
I’ve been following this sort of routine without being consciously aware of it and in the last month or so I’ve achieved so much more than I have done in the past, thanks to a good nights sleep! 


Well, to your fortune, I’ve been without a camera for the last week, although I plan to get one within the next few days to continue making zany videos!

I’ve missed speaking to you guys and have not forgotten about this, merely just going through some “interesting times”… Service will resume very soon.

Please continue to help yourself help others.
hyho! 🙂

Love is something that we all have difficulty defining.

When I was out in Cardiff just the other night, I met a wonderful group of friends.
I got chatting with Emily Lee, who let me in on some of her personal stories.

Emily was inspiring to me in that she has faught her way up from a very low-point in her own life.
We got talking on how we both had interest in Amy Winehouse.
For Emily, Winehouse represented her mother’s struggles in life with addiction and sorrow.

Emily linked me to this song she produced, it’s beautiful and well worth a listen;

I too love people who have perhaps let me down.

But for me the point of love is a resilience beyond everything in life to forgive.

To believe in each others choices and to be open and honest when things aren’t going so well.

I admire Emily a lot, and soon we shall be back in contact as we have work to get done.
She has inspired me to produce my own music. In fact, she’ll even have a song dedicated to her, such was her influence on me in such a short space of time. (more to follow soon…)


On Saturday I was in Cardiff out in the sunshine when I saw an inspiring group of young dancers, flaunting it on Queen’s Street!

These children are really quite self-aware and you can see this through the freedom of their dancing movement.
They have such fun and it was really refreshing to see how supportive and positive the parents were of the children too.
There are a lot of competitive groups for children that get too wrapped up in winning. So much so, that when they lose, they learn absolutely nothing from it, other than they don’t like it.

Give these children, wonderfully supportive parents and yourself an insight into the wonders of dancing on overall mood by checking out and liking their Facebook page.
Best of luck in Germany!

Waxed lyrical – Amy Winehouse(picture from


Amy Winehouse’s message is something I can strongly relate to. She is a wonderful inspiration to us all. She may not have overcome her demons, but she tried to get her message out no matter what.

Hope you enjoy my frolics!
(check out the hands)

Bean Shower. In Paris.

So, what brand bean do you want?

Is Heinz going to win again?

You decide!

Like. Comment. Share.

Whenever I struggle for motivation, these are my top three tips;

Networking – Phone your best mates; do something fun.  
Music – Listen to something with a positive message.
Excercise – Burn off your excess worry by putting on some running shoes.

“Whether you say you can or you can’t, you’re right”

Sir. Henry Ford

So get some Ford Focus in your life. Say you can. Repeat ‘I can’ to yourself 10 times over. Then say or even shout it as loud as you can.

Reprogramme your brain, like you’d reprogramme your computer hard-drive. Delete your back-up files that are of no use to you. You, like your computer, will run smoother, faster and better.

Video on this coming up…


Heart-to-hearts with people I meet on the street, people I know and love and people you know and love.


Bean showers across Europe – Paris, Madrid, Pisa… Then further afield in Seoul and perhaps Sydney and San Fran.


Soon I’ll be introducing a music section. I will produce my own songs and promote local talent.


And so much more…

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