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This is the video of the Second Bean Shower; Beans for Mind.
I hope some things I say at the end perhaps strike a chord and hope that you enjoy!


Bean Shower 2. Mission Accomplished.

I felt the pressure! – I had some bad pre-match nerves. Maybe you can have a bit of sympathy for not being overly psyched about having beans poured over my head. Cold and sticky.

However, I thought of the cause. I thought of how it’d be okay afterwards. My friends were wonderfully supportive. To get words of encouragement really meant a lot. I spent a lot of my life without friends nearby, living in a countryside area. Maybe I didn’t value my friends enough before. Having a strong support base is so important to achieve.

Buzz Killington almost struck again – Last time I did a Bean Shower I kind of interrupted a romantic moment for one unfortunate couple. This time, to my horror, there was an after-wedding ceremony walking through the park as we arrived. Everyone with not a hair out of place. I’m sure it’s for the best that they were just about finished when we arrived. 

Things I’ve Learned

Accept fear and nervousness as natural to our lives. Use it as positive energy. You get nervous when you’re about to do something big where there’s big risk, but where there’s big risk, comes big reward.

I love my friends. Okay, so this may sound soppy. But seriously, all the words of encouragement and support today really drove me on and gave me energy when I had doubts. Thank you so much.

Video coming shortly…! (Superb camera work by Oliver Thomas).

After the interest in the first Bean Shower I’ve decided to host another one so more people can see the action live!

The purpose of the Beans For Mind campaign is to show people that no matter how stigmatized or silly you may feel you look, there is actually no harm in showing your emotions and opening up to someone.

Going to the doctors, or just speaking to someone you know and trust… Either way, if you feel you may be suffering from depression, talk about it. Raise the issue & you’ll be on your way to doing something about it!

There’s more to this video than me showing off my crotch (unintentionally) & and pajama bottoms.
Deets about the Bean Shower & stuff.

Agorraphobia – My three month battle
Madness – Singing & dancing to “It must be love”
Neighbours – My apology

2 nights in hospital

A night spent sleeping under a bridge in the rain

And the sight of those around me being held back by booze.

These three things have made me want to choose another way to enjoy my nights out –

Love is something that we all have difficulty defining.

When I was out in Cardiff just the other night, I met a wonderful group of friends.
I got chatting with Emily Lee, who let me in on some of her personal stories.

Emily was inspiring to me in that she has faught her way up from a very low-point in her own life.
We got talking on how we both had interest in Amy Winehouse.
For Emily, Winehouse represented her mother’s struggles in life with addiction and sorrow.

Emily linked me to this song she produced, it’s beautiful and well worth a listen;

I too love people who have perhaps let me down.

But for me the point of love is a resilience beyond everything in life to forgive.

To believe in each others choices and to be open and honest when things aren’t going so well.

I admire Emily a lot, and soon we shall be back in contact as we have work to get done.
She has inspired me to produce my own music. In fact, she’ll even have a song dedicated to her, such was her influence on me in such a short space of time. (more to follow soon…)

Waxed lyrical – Amy Winehouse(picture from


Amy Winehouse’s message is something I can strongly relate to. She is a wonderful inspiration to us all. She may not have overcome her demons, but she tried to get her message out no matter what.

Hope you enjoy my frolics!
(check out the hands)

Enjoy and spread 🙂

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