Living HYHO

What it takes to become a hyho-er

All you need to know is below my wonderfully drawn stick-man (thank you, MS Paint)

Clarity of mind –

How can this be developed? Can someone who had beans poured over his head in public know what he’s talking about?

We develop clarity of mind by stopping to pause, to take a few deep-breaths when we realise we are stressed out.
Stop. Take stock. Look around you. Does the world end when you stop?

Now that you’ve had a look around, what do you notice? Take a picture of the most beautiful thing you can see, then take a picture of yourself.
What do you see?

Love for all –

How is this developed? Can someone who occasionally wears sandals and socks to Asda know what love is?

Think for a moment of the one single person who’s causing you the most grief in the world.

Ask yourself, what has caused this person to be such a problem to you? –

If you can’t think of this immediately, write down or think aloud the top 3 things that irritate you about this person.
Think of why they may behave like they do. You will find you have a lot in common eventually.

Forgive them; after all, as people we’re only programmed to survive. Some people are ‘aggressive’ to survive.

Work hard, play hard –

How? Can someone who doesn’t drink, smoke or do HxC drugs know what he’s on about?

Review your reward system. Are you treating yourself too much for doing too little?

I think we’re all guilty of this to some extent, but it’s about finding your moderation and what works for you.

If you find you drink too much on a night out, do something about it.

If you find you smoke when you’re stressed, do something about your stress.

After you’ve found a new way to reward yourself. Play with it. Have fun. Party hard.