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Many users describe Cymbalta Duloextine as “poison”.

I do wonder who has genuinely been helped by this “SSRI”.
A quick search of forums online and I find the rare comment in support of the drug.
Having taken Cymbalta Duloxetine 30mg for 3 months, then 60mg for 2 weeks (the side-effects were unbareable) – My opinion is that all the drug did was increase my anxiety and nervous tension – I ended up twitching and doing unusual things on this drug. It was a horrible experience, and it was the drug I was using when I started to cut myself.

Can we please stop using this “plastering-over” approach – One tablet fixes all solution to our issues? I have been issued with Duloxetine, Pregabalin (One I do reccommend – helped me sleep), Prozac, Citalopram and a few others I can’t remember the name of.

Use your problems as an opportunity to speak out, try not to take tablets to cover up your feelings even more!

Agorraphobia – My three month battle
Madness – Singing & dancing to “It must be love”
Neighbours – My apology

2 nights in hospital

A night spent sleeping under a bridge in the rain

And the sight of those around me being held back by booze.

These three things have made me want to choose another way to enjoy my nights out –

Want to fall in love?

Want to have more fun  like this cool guy?…

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Living the HYHO Life.

HYHO- help yourself help others

by simply waking up this morning, you are helping yourself and helping others.

by simply going to work today, you are helping yourself help others.

by simply donating money to charity you are helping others help yourself

by simply being alive you are bringing love to this world, the most valuable comodity of all.

hyho will make the world a happier place.

show your love by sharing this with those who mean the most to you.

Love is something that we all have difficulty defining.

When I was out in Cardiff just the other night, I met a wonderful group of friends.
I got chatting with Emily Lee, who let me in on some of her personal stories.

Emily was inspiring to me in that she has faught her way up from a very low-point in her own life.
We got talking on how we both had interest in Amy Winehouse.
For Emily, Winehouse represented her mother’s struggles in life with addiction and sorrow.

Emily linked me to this song she produced, it’s beautiful and well worth a listen;

I too love people who have perhaps let me down.

But for me the point of love is a resilience beyond everything in life to forgive.

To believe in each others choices and to be open and honest when things aren’t going so well.

I admire Emily a lot, and soon we shall be back in contact as we have work to get done.
She has inspired me to produce my own music. In fact, she’ll even have a song dedicated to her, such was her influence on me in such a short space of time. (more to follow soon…)


On Saturday I was in Cardiff out in the sunshine when I saw an inspiring group of young dancers, flaunting it on Queen’s Street!

These children are really quite self-aware and you can see this through the freedom of their dancing movement.
They have such fun and it was really refreshing to see how supportive and positive the parents were of the children too.
There are a lot of competitive groups for children that get too wrapped up in winning. So much so, that when they lose, they learn absolutely nothing from it, other than they don’t like it.

Give these children, wonderfully supportive parents and yourself an insight into the wonders of dancing on overall mood by checking out and liking their Facebook page.
Best of luck in Germany!


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