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Bean Shower 2. Mission Accomplished.

I felt the pressure! – I had some bad pre-match nerves. Maybe you can have a bit of sympathy for not being overly psyched about having beans poured over my head. Cold and sticky.

However, I thought of the cause. I thought of how it’d be okay afterwards. My friends were wonderfully supportive. To get words of encouragement really meant a lot. I spent a lot of my life without friends nearby, living in a countryside area. Maybe I didn’t value my friends enough before. Having a strong support base is so important to achieve.

Buzz Killington almost struck again – Last time I did a Bean Shower I kind of interrupted a romantic moment for one unfortunate couple. This time, to my horror, there was an after-wedding ceremony walking through the park as we arrived. Everyone with not a hair out of place. I’m sure it’s for the best that they were just about finished when we arrived. 

Things I’ve Learned

Accept fear and nervousness as natural to our lives. Use it as positive energy. You get nervous when you’re about to do something big where there’s big risk, but where there’s big risk, comes big reward.

I love my friends. Okay, so this may sound soppy. But seriously, all the words of encouragement and support today really drove me on and gave me energy when I had doubts. Thank you so much.

Video coming shortly…! (Superb camera work by Oliver Thomas).


Today at 3 o’clock I shall be outside the castle ready for bean shower. A big thank you to those of you that have voted, Heinz is the selected winner with 8 votes out of 18.

Whilst this is a bit of a pub’ stunt, I feel it is neccessary for something radical to be done to raise awareness about depression. As much as I am making myself a centre of attention, I hope I do not detract too much away from the cause.

We all know somebody that’s suffering or suffered from depression. Please come out in your numbers outside Cardiff Castle for 3p.m (opposite Caffe Nero) and give your support. Let’s show people that the stigma of depression is being broken down once and for all.

Thank you, and hope to see you later!

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