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This is the video of the Second Bean Shower; Beans for Mind.
I hope some things I say at the end perhaps strike a chord and hope that you enjoy!


After the interest in the first Bean Shower I’ve decided to host another one so more people can see the action live!

The purpose of the Beans For Mind campaign is to show people that no matter how stigmatized or silly you may feel you look, there is actually no harm in showing your emotions and opening up to someone.

Going to the doctors, or just speaking to someone you know and trust… Either way, if you feel you may be suffering from depression, talk about it. Raise the issue & you’ll be on your way to doing something about it!







I watch a lot of “ted talks” on, where you get to see inspiring speakers talk about some of the latest big ideas in the world of creative thinking.

Here, Jane McGonigal talks of her site Superbetter. It’s a great website that sets you little goals to achieve that you score points for achieving. You get +1 mental resilience for thinking a happy thought or +2 physical resilience for doing a star-jump! 

There are step-by-step guides, from the very simple beginning of how to do practically anything.
Check out the video and the website, and discover how you can become Superbetter. I’m enjoying it so far.
I’m Level 4 with 75 overall resilience 😉

There’s more to this video than me showing off my crotch (unintentionally) & and pajama bottoms.
Deets about the Bean Shower & stuff.

Wednesday 8th August @ Cathays Park, Cardiff – 12:30

BYOB, bring your own beans (if you want, you can add them to the bean bucket going over my head.)

This event will be supporting Mind Cymru – A charity that really helped me out when I was running out of options.

Check out the event page on Facebook:

Read this article and seriously consider it.
I’ve been following this sort of routine without being consciously aware of it and in the last month or so I’ve achieved so much more than I have done in the past, thanks to a good nights sleep! 


24 Daily Habits

Take the time to read
Some sound advice and easy tips to implement to make a great change to your life.

Many users describe Cymbalta Duloextine as “poison”.

I do wonder who has genuinely been helped by this “SSRI”.
A quick search of forums online and I find the rare comment in support of the drug.
Having taken Cymbalta Duloxetine 30mg for 3 months, then 60mg for 2 weeks (the side-effects were unbareable) – My opinion is that all the drug did was increase my anxiety and nervous tension – I ended up twitching and doing unusual things on this drug. It was a horrible experience, and it was the drug I was using when I started to cut myself.

Can we please stop using this “plastering-over” approach – One tablet fixes all solution to our issues? I have been issued with Duloxetine, Pregabalin (One I do reccommend – helped me sleep), Prozac, Citalopram and a few others I can’t remember the name of.

Use your problems as an opportunity to speak out, try not to take tablets to cover up your feelings even more!

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